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Most furniture dealers charge $99+ local delivery fees, some charge a percentage of the total sale, others offer "Free Delivery" with a required purchase order amount or is already disguised on "Sale Price". AFBC offers true affordable local delivery options, within our Texas and New Mexico service areas!

All delivery options are via Ground, depending on our Texas and New Mexico service areas.

Need a freight shipping quote? - Request one via our Contact form or Chat button. - The most accurate way to provide a shipping quote is manually. Most furniture dealers base their shipping quotes on flat pricing, sometimes this is good, often times is otherwise. - Freight Shipping information below.


Texas Delivery Service Areas & Fees
El Paso, TX$20.00$30.00
Horizon City, TX$30.00$40.00
Socorro, TX$30.00$40.00
San Elizario, TX$40.00$50.00
Clint, TX$50.00$60.00
Fabens, TX$60.00$70.00
Canutillo, TX$40.00$50.00
Vinton, TX$50.00$60.00
Anthony, TX$60.00$70.00

Delivery fees are for a single item or a full house of furniture.

New Mexico Delivery Service Areas & Fees
Sunland Park, NM$30.00$40.00
Santa Teresa, NM$40.00$50.00
Anthony, NM$70.00$80.00
Chaparral, NM$70.00$80.00
Delivery fees are for a single item or a full house of furniture.


El Paso, Texas - Basic Delivery

This option includes residential delivery on ALL purchased items, within El Paso, Texas to an entry ground floor or garage only. Customer is responsible for the unboxing and assembly, if needed, of purchased items. Sorry, we don't haul away used furniture / appliances.

El Paso, Texas - White Glove Delivery

This option includes residential delivery on ALL purchased items, within El Paso, Texas up to a third floor, set up / assembly of all furniture items only, plus trash removal / disposal. Customer must have room(s) cleared before delivery items. Sorry, we don't haul away used furniture / appliances.


Surrounding Areas - Basic & White Glove Deliveries
These options include same features as El Paso, Texas deliveries, within our surrounding service areas. All deliveries made by AFBC to New Mexico service areas, are sales tax exempt. All customers picking up their own merchandise from El Paso, Texas will be charged 8.25% sales tax. Sorry no exceptions. Sorry, we don't haul away used furniture / appliances.


All of our customers are welcomed to pick up their merchandise from any of our distributor's warehouses for FREE, only accompanied by an AFBC Representative and by appointment during business hours only (except on holidays), as per ALL of our furniture / appliance distributors.

Merchandise that is picked up may be in cartons / packages and may require assembly. Due to the nature of items being brand new in cartons / packages, we are unable to unpack items completely (other than partially for a quick inspection) or assemble items for you, at the pickup / warehouse location.

Please make sure that the size of your vehicle, will accommodate all furniture / appliance items being picked up. Bring strong ropes with you to secure your items, as these are not provided at warehouses. Bring blankets if merchandise will be taken home unboxed.

Neither AFBC nor the warehouse personnel are responsible for loading, securing and tie-down of merchandise, or the safe transportation of furniture to your home.


Less Than Truckload Freight Shipping
Shipping quotes are based on many factors such as, distance, accessibility, dimensions, weight, freight class, etc. To standardize the freight shipping cost in LTL, the National Motor Freight Traffic Association has set some criteria called freight classes. The system uses the density, stow-ability, handling, and liability of the cargo to find its class. There are 18 determined classes that range from 50 to 500. The cost of your freight will directly depend on its class.

AFBC will find the best value in shipping from the most reputable freight carriers, such as FedEx, UPS, YRC, ArcBest, XPO, etc. This takes time, please allow us 24 hours or less, on a weekday, to provide you with a freight shipping quote. Since the truck delivering your goods has multiple shipments, you will only have to pay for the cargo space your goods are utilizing. Generally speaking, you can transport any package that weighs more than 150 Lbs and is large dimensionally for significantly less. This is Less Than Truckload shipping.

The most apparent factor for shipment cost is the distance between the origin (El Paso, Texas USA) and destination (Your City, State USA) points. The higher the range, the higher will be the time and fuel required for it. Currently with the rise of e-commerce deliveries, LTL freight sometimes has to be transferred into smaller final mile trucks, in order for shipments be delivered in dense urban areas and smaller residential neighborhoods, which can also add to the cost of the shipment. Carriers offer the best value in shipping, when several items are being shipped at once and not needed in a hurry.

All AFBC freight shipping quotes, will include two delivery options:

(1) Customers pick up at the destination freight shipping warehouse (lower cost option) - Customers will be responsible for the safe tie-down and transport of goods to their home. The address, phone number and directions via Google Maps, will be included on every freight quote, for your convenience.

(2) Freight shipping-curbside residential delivery (higher cost option) - The carrier will only deliver the goods to a garage or front door entry. They will not take goods inside your home nor assemble them. Please make sure that you have adequate help, to move the furniture / appliance inside your home.

The exception will be if FedEx Ground / UPS Ground, is the best shipping value, as these options are automatically curbside residential deliveries.

AFBC does not offer White Glove delivery (assembly / set-up) from freight shipping carriers. Some freight carriers offer these services, for an additional fee. After an AFBC freight shipping quote is provided, you may inquiry and make arrangements with them directly, for such additional services.
= Freight shipping quotes are only provided via email
= Available only within the 48 contiguous United States
= AFBC does not drop ship furniture / appliances within states
= All furniture / appliances are shipped from El Paso, Texas
= Review our Legal Freight Shipping information.