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ALL Furniture By Catalog obtains all merchandise, from our local El Paso, Texas furniture / appliance distributors. Every item we sell will be picked up / delivered / freight shipped from El Paso, Texas.

ALL Furniture By Catalog does not have the ability to drop-ship furniture around the country, therefore, the point of origin for all furniture / appliance transactions will be from El Paso, Texas.

All freight shipping quotes are based on a single shipment. Unfortunately, if an item is not available in stock and other items are, we are unable to partial-ship the items available in stock and ship other items when in-stock. All special orders take two weeks or less, for items to arrive to El Paso, Texas.


Shipping quotes are based on many factors such as, distance, accessibility, dimensions, weight, freight class, etc. To standardize the freight shipping cost in LTL, the National Motor Freight Traffic Association has set some criteria called freight classes. The system uses the density, stow-ability, handling, and liability of the cargo to find its class. There are 18 determined classes that range from 50 to 500. The cost of your freight will directly depend on its class.

AFBC will find the best value in shipping from the most reputable freight carriers, such as FedEx, UPS, YRC, ArcBest, XPO, etc. This takes time, please allow us 24 hours or less, on a weekday, to provide you with a freight shipping quote.

Since the truck delivering your goods has multiple shipments, you will only have to pay for the cargo space your goods are utilizing. Generally speaking, you can transport any package that weighs more than 150 Lbs and is large dimensionally for significantly less. This is Less Than Truckload shipping.

The most apparent factor for shipment cost is the distance between the origin (El Paso, Texas USA) and destination (Your City, State USA) points. The higher the range, the higher will be the time and fuel required for it. Currently with the rise of e-commerce deliveries, LTL freight sometimes has to be transferred into smaller final mile trucks, in order for shipments be delivered in dense urban areas and smaller residential neighborhoods, which can also add to the cost of the shipment. Carriers offer the best value in shipping, when several items are being shipped at once and not needed in a hurry.

All AFBC freight shipping quotes, will include two delivery options:

(1) Customers pick up at the destination freight shipping warehouse (lower cost option) - Customers will be responsible for the safe tie-down and transport of goods to their home. The address, phone number and directions via Google Maps, will be included on every freight quote, for your convenience.

(2) Freight shipping-curbside residential delivery (higher cost option) - The carrier will only deliver the goods to a garage or front door entry. They will not take goods inside your home nor assemble them. Please make sure that you have adequate help, to move the furniture inside your home.

The exception will be if FedEx Ground / UPS Ground, is the best shipping value, as these options are automatically curbside residential deliveries.

AFBC does not offer White Glove delivery (assembly / set-up) from freight shipping carriers. Some freight carriers offer these services, for an additional fee. After an AFBC freight shipping quote is provided, you may inquiry and make arrangements with them directly, for such additional services.


= Freight shipping quotes are only provided via email.

= Available only within the 48 contiguous United States.

= AFBC does not drop ship furniture / appliances, within states.

= All furniture / appliances are shipped from El Paso, Texas.


ALL Furniture By Catalog is liable and responsible for the purchased merchandise, right up to the point before everything has been delivered to the freight carrier company's dock. The freight company will inspect the merchandise and approve of the shipping of such, by inspecting that everything is in a ship-able condition. Please be aware that freight carriers are responsible for the safe transport of merchandise being shipped, whether merchandise is insured or not.

The freight carrier personnel receiving the merchandise at the company dock, will inspect the boxes / items and ensure that everything is in accordance with their shipping rules and sign the bill of lading as received. This is the point where the freight carrier takes full responsibility in delivering the merchandise to Point B, your city, state, in good standing condition, until the customer signs the bill of lading, stating everything to be in good standing condition, then the customer takes ownership of their purchase order.

ALL Furniture By Catalog is not liable for merchandise in transit nor while the carrier is delivering the merchandise to your city / residence. Please note that severe / extreme bad weather can delay the delivery of your items to your city / residence.

In the event of damage in-transit merchandise, customer must properly notate on freight carrier's bill of lading. The customer must provide pictures of damaged items immediately, in order to start the claim file process.


It's very exciting to receive / pick up your new furniture / appliance purchase order from the freight carrier, don't let a missed opportunity ruin your excitement!

Please, thoroughly inspect the package and its contents first, before signing delivery receipt. Keep in mind that while the outside packaging might appear damaged, the actual furniture / appliance inside might have been successfully protected with the cushioning protection inside the carton and be perfectly intact. Do not refuse the furniture / appliance item based only in an external inspection of the carton(s).

Do not sign the Bill of Lading if there are damages or shortages. Please notate in writing, where appropriate on freight bill of lading, these circumstances. This important step is crucial, as this information serves as proof of shortage / damage in-transit and will help us when filing a claim, on our behalf, to rightfully recover total cost / amount of damaged item(s), including shipping charges from the carrier.

Your signature on the delivery receipt / bill of lading is your acknowledgement that your furniture / appliance items were received in good / satisfactory condition. Failure to properly notate damages or shortages on bill of lading, will waive Yours and AFBC's right to file a claim against the carrier on our behalf, therefore, enabling us to recover the damaged / shortage item(s).

Do not be intimidated by the carrier's / delivery personnel, when asking for your signature on the bill of lading, before inspecting your furniture / appliance items. Take your time to inspect everything, regardless, if they are in a hurry. The drivers must wait until you are completely satisfied with the merchandise received in good / satisfactory condition.

If carrier drivers refuse to take damaged items with them, customer must notate this on bill of lading, to state that drivers refused to take damaged items with them. Whenever possible, customer must retain damaged items / pieces including all of the protective foam / cartons, either until a Freight Representative comes to inspect or pick up damaged items / pieces, to discard them appropriately / accordingly to the carrier company.

Rest assured, AFBC will always besides with our customers, in the event we have to file a claim against any carrier. Most freight claims take 2-3 weeks to process, AFBC will file the claim and gather all paperwork needed to recover the total cost / amount of damaged item(s) in a timely conclusion, at no additional expense to you.

For AFBC to offer this level of service, we need a little help from our customers in the form of a detailed damage / shortage product description, immediately upon furniture / appliance received, on the freight bill of lading.

Because re-delivery is expensive, the customer should not refuse delivery of any undamaged pieces, unless two items come in the same box and one is damaged, then both items must be refused. ALL Furniture By Catalog is not liable for adjustments if shortages or damages by freight, all carrier companies are liable for such occurrences.


A freight claim process varies between 2-3 weeks, as per each individual carrier's policies. The carrier company will reimburse the cost of damaged item(s) plus the shipping charges of such item(s).

In the event of furniture / appliance damage in-transit, AFBC will assist the customer to remedy the situation accordingly, by filing a claim on our behalf, towards the freight carrier. In the event of damage by carrier, AFBC will always besides with the customer, not the freight carrier's companies.

Whenever possible, at AFBC's sole discretion, we will try to replace the item(s) damaged in-transit by the carrier, to the customer while the damage claim is filed / processed / settled.