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AFBC Layaway Plan / Requirements / Exclusions / Terms / Payment Methods

The AFBC Layaway Plan requires a minimum $20.00 deposit or more, with six months left to pay the remaining balance. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments (any amounts ) are required.

AFBC must be notified, two weeks in advance prior to paying the remaining balance, in order to secure or special order the merchandise, if not available in stock. Most special orders take two weeks or less, to arrive to El Paso, Texas.

Layaway Plans payment methods include Cash, Personal Checks ( sorry no temporary checks ), Money Orders, Debit / Credit Cards.

Please Note: Starting February 2014, all credit / debit cards payments will incur a $1.00 transaction fee. This low fee will help us recover a small portion of the cost associated with accepting credit / debit cards.

Cash payments must be done in person. Please DO NOT mail cash. Payments received via US Postal Service, AFBC will mail back a payment receipt, showing new balance, on the following weekday.

Layaway Plans are only available to residents of El Paso, Texas and surrounding areas, serviced by us. ( layaway items cannot be combined with any current offer discounts, clearance merchandise, coupon offers or any other discount ).

Person initiating Layaway Plan, must be the same person finalizing the layaway. A picture ID will be required for merchandise pick up. No partial takeouts permitted.

Layaway Price Adjustment / Layaway Cancellation

Because prices shown in our website are subject to change without notice, price adjustments on layaway merchandise, whether if they increase or decrease, cannot be facilitated / modified. Layaway Plans cannot be modified to a different merchandise, unless merchandise becomes discontinued or back-order for a long period of time.

If merchandise on layaway becomes discontinued or back-order, the amount deposited will be credited towards the purchase of new merchandise, unless customer cancels. A layaway cancellation fee, for any reason, is $20.00. If a layaway refund is requested, refund will be provided in the form of an AFBC check.

Layaway will be terminated, if no payments are received within 30 days after last payment. Upon customer notification, if no payment is received within 15 days, after customer notification, layaway agreement will be cancelled and the $20.00 cancellation fee will be applied and the refund process will begin.

If you have any questions or comments about our Legal Information / Layaway Plan page, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. Thank you!