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Where is ALL Furniture By Catalog located?

AFBC is located at 1415 E San Antonio Ave Ste 20 - El Paso, Texas 79901. This location is NOT a furniture store / showroom. AFBC is an online / print catalog, furniture wholesaler / dealer to the public.

How long has ALL Furniture By Catalog been in business?

AFBC has been in business since February 19th, 2007.

How do I know that AFBC is a legitimate business?

Because your TRUST is very important, shop with confidence: AFBC is a PayPal Authorized Merchant since October 2009. A Square Authorized Merchant since July 2012. A GoDaddy Verified Malware Free Website since November 2018. Learn more About Us | AFBC - Read our Customer Feedback / Testimonials since 2007. Our business social medias: Facebook since January 2009, Twitter since July 2009, Pinterest since March 2018, Instagram since September 2018.

Where does AFBC obtains the merchandise shown on website?

AFBC allies itself with local furniture distributors throughout El Paso, in order to bring you the best selection and quality name brand furniture.

Where does AFBC meets it's customers, after an appointment has been scheduled?

For the time being, AFBC meets its customers by appointment, at our (dealers only) furniture distributor's showroom / warehouse location.


Why is the merchandise so affordable?

It's all in the name: ALL Furniture By Catalog is an online / print catalog furniture dealer / wholesaler to the public, since 2007. AFBC obtains all furniture directly from our local distributor's warehouse, we don't carry any inventory and this saves us money, thus passing the savings to our customers.

How do I place a purchase order?

Local customers can shop online via PayPal add to cart buttons, under our BUY TODAY tabs. If purchase order wants to be paid online via, either PayPal or Square Invoice (your choice), we'll email you one within 24 hours or less. In-Person purchase orders are done by appointment, on weekdays only. Out of area customers, please request a freight shipping quote via our Contact form. We'll respond within 24 hours less.

What are PayPal / Square?

PayPal / Square are Secure Electronic Credit / Debit Card Payment Systems. PayPal and Square thoroughly verify all merchants, before issuing authorization to use their payment method software. Visit and to learn more.

How does AFBC works with PayPal / Square?

AFBC employs PayPal / Square as an online / in-person credit / debit card payment solutions. Customers are given the option to purchase from AFBC using their credit / debit card in a Secure Environment, available through the PayPal / Square Servers. This way, AFBC never sees / retains your credit / debit card information.


What are the payments methods accepted at AFBC?

Cash, Personal Checks, Money Orders, Cashier’s Checks, and all Major Credit / Debit cards. Please visit our Payment Methods page, to view detailed information on these payment options.

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How long does it take for purchase orders to be fulfilled after placement?

Most online / mail purchase orders are fulfilled within / after 48 hours, on a weekday (except on holidays), when item(s) are available in stock. In-person, cash / credit / debit card purchase orders are fulfilled immediately, when item(s) are available in stock. If item(s) are not available in stock and they are Special Order, it will take two weeks or less, for item(s) to arrive to El Paso. After arrival, item(s) would be available for customer pick up / delivery / shipping. Please Note: Special Order cancellations are subject to 15% restocking fees. These fees are imposed by our local distributors, since they invest time and money, bringing the item(s) to El Paso, Texas.

Does AFBC provide a sales agreement / invoice as proof of purchase?

Yes. In-person purchase orders receive a sales agreement on the spot and within 24 hours, a paid invoice hard copy is mailed via US Postal Service. Online purchase orders are invoiced via PayPal or Square (your choice) and within 24 hours, an AFBC sales agreement and paid invoice hard copies, are mailed via US Postal Service.


Does AFBC freight ships furniture outside of El Paso, Texas?

Yes. Request a shipping quote, via our Contact email form and allow us 24 hours or less, to respond to your inquiry. Freight shipping is only available within the 48 contiguous United States. Sorry, no exceptions.

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What freight shipping options will AFBC offer?

All freight shipping quotes will include two delivery options. (1) Customer pick up at the freight shipping warehouse (lower cost option). Customers will be responsible for the safe tie-down and transport of goods to their home. The address, phone number and directions via Google Maps, will be included on every freight quote, for your convenience. (2) Freight shipping-curbside residential delivery (higher cost option). The carrier will only deliver the goods to a garage or front door entry. They will not take goods inside your home nor assemble them. Please make sure that you have adequate help, to move the furniture. The exception will be if FedEx Ground / UPS Ground, is the best shipping value, as these options are curbside residential deliveries. For additional information regarding freight shipping, please visit our Delivery Information page.

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Does AFBC offer drop shipping within states?

No. We don't have the third-party supplier order fulfillment method, due to our wholesale prices. All furniture is shipped from El Paso, Texas.

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Does AFBC have a Merchandise Return Policy?

No. Due to the small margin of profit, All Sales are Final, there are No Refunds or Exchanges after item(s) is / are picked up / delivered / shipped. Please make a firm decision when placing your order. If you have any questions about the item(s) you plan on purchasing, for example, the stock availability, color, model number, dimensions, etc. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us for assistance to clear any doubts. Please Note: Special Order cancellations are subject to 15% restocking fees. These fees are imposed by our local distributors, since they invest time and money, brining the item(s) to El Paso, Texas.

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Do AFBC offer a refund in the event purchased item(s) is / are out of stock or discontinued?

Yes. In the event purchased item(s) is / are not available in stock and customer requests a full refund, it will be provided immediately. If customer, after notified, wishes to go ahead and Special Order the item(s) out of stock, the merchandise will take two weeks or less, to arrive to El Paso. After arrival, it will be available for delivery or customer pick up. If purchased item(s) is / are discontinued, refund will be provided immediately. Please Note: Special Order cancellations are subject to 15% restocking fees. These fees are imposed by our local distributors, since they invest time and money, brining the item(s) to El Paso, Texas.


What is the merchandise / product warranty on all items sold at AFBC?

AFBC warrants all merchandise it sells to be free of manufacturer defects in workmanship and overall finish for a period of 3 months, from date of purchase / merchandise received to the original purchaser and original delivery / sold address. Mattresses have their own warranty, which are warranted in years. Please visit our Product Warranty page, for additional detailed information regarding this topic.

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Why do other furniture dealers offer more warranty period?

Most furniture dealers offer more warranty period, simply because they charge more on the same furniture items. When a customer buys at Retail Price, they are actually paying somewhat of an extended limited warranty period, in case the item(s) needs service in the future. If the furniture never needs service, the dealer makes more profit.

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Does AFBC offer an extended warranty that can be purchased?

Yes. AFBC will honor a total of 15 months limited warranty (3 months manufacturer’s warranty + 12 months AFBC extended warranty), only if customer pays the advertised Full Retail Price of furniture, at time of purchase order placement. Excludes items offered "as-is" or discontinued, which may be advertised at an extreme low COST with no warranty.


Does AFBC collect sales tax?

Yes. Sales tax (8.25%) is added to all purchase orders made within the State of Texas. Online purchase orders from New Mexico areas serviced by AFBC, are tax exempt, only if AFBC delivers the entire purchase order. All customers picking up their own merchandise from El Paso will be charged Texas sales tax. Please check with your State's regulation, since it might vary from state to state and AFBC is not responsible for individual States' sales and use tax regulation regarding online transactions. For Colorado, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Vermont residents: AFBC is not obligated to collect sales tax but you do need to file sales or use taxes for any online / untaxed purchases.

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Do customers from Mexico have to pay Texas sales tax?

Yes. Residents of Mexico are charged Texas sales tax; however, if they provide an Export Manifest (Manifiesto) to AFBC within 30 days from date of purchase, the total sales tax amount will be refunded.

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Can I purchase individual / merchandise items?

Most items shown can be purchased individually. Some are only available for purchase in pairs, such as dining chairs, because they come two pieces of furniture within one box.


Where can I compare prices of the merchandise shown at AFBC website?

The fastest way is to Google the item. Simply click our Compare Prices link to Google the brand / model / collection, or find a local dealer within your residence area. Either call or visit the local dealer, to inquiry about the brand / model / collection interested in.

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Does AFBC offer any additional discounts?

Yes. AFBC Members Only subscribers receive an additional 10% discount, from our everyday low advertised COST, on every order, with no minimum purchase amount, for 12 months! Please visit our Members Only page for additional details.

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Does AFBC offer a business / organization employee discount program?

Yes. All employees of participating companies and organizations receive an additional 10% discount, from our everyday low advertised COST, on every order, with no minimum purchase amount, for 12 months or 24 months, depending on enrolled membership. Please visit our Members Only Plus page for additional details.

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Does AFBC offer any additional discounts, other than the Members Only programs?

Yes, please visit our  Current Offers page, for special discounts and promotions. Be sure to visit often or bookmark this page, for additional savings throughout the year!

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Does AFBC have a price match policy?

No, we believe all wholesale prices shown in our website don't have a price match, especially if you become an AFBC Members Only subscriber and enjoy the yearly savings or take advantage of our Current Offers and Promotions.


Do AFBC offers a customer pick up option?

Yes, all customers are welcomed to pick up their merchandise from any of our distributor's warehouse, only accompanied by an AFBC Representative and by appointment during business hours only (except on holidays), as per request from all of our distributor’s.

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How much is the charge for Basic Delivery and what does it includes?

The Basic Delivery fee is $20, plus sales tax. This option includes residential delivery on all purchased items, within El Paso city limits to a ground floor only. Customer is responsible for the unboxing and assembly, if needed, of items.

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How much is the charge for White Glove Delivery and what does it includes?

The White Glove Delivery fee is $30, plus sales tax. This option includes delivery on all purchased items, within El Paso city limits, up to a third floor and set up / assembly, plus trash removal / disposal. Customer must have clear room(s) before delivery of items.

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What other areas does AFBC delivers to and what are the delivery fees?

Please visit our  Delivery Information page to view detailed information, on the areas we service, delivery fees and freight shipping.


Does AFBC mails / provides paper catalogs to customers?

No. Our local distributors only provides us with a single paper catalog copy, once a year. These are high quality paper catalogs and they are expensive to produce, therefore, we are unable to provide extra copies of our catalogs to customers.

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Which brands does AFBC carries?

AFBC is an Authorized Furniture Dealer of Homelegance, Furniture of America and Coaster Furniture. Please visit our distributor's official websites, to view their entire online catalog at and and If you find something you like and is not in our website, simply provide us the collection name / model number(s) of item(s) interested in, via email at our Contact Us page, and we'll quote you with our wholesale pricing. Learn more about Name Brands.

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Does AFBC mails / provides fabric samples of upholstery items?

No. Unfortunately, none of our distributors provides us with such samples.


Does AFBC offer a Layaway Plan?

Yes. Layaway Plans are available to Residents of El Paso and surrounding areas only. Simply deposit $20+ and pay the remaining balance within 6 months. Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly payments, any amounts, are required. Please visit our Layaway Plan page for detailed information.

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How much down payment is required to obtain financing with AFBC?

New in-house financing customers: In order to obtain financing with AFBC, with no credit limit, the down payment must be 50% of the total purchase order. AFBC would finance the remaining 50% balance. We can finance your balance for up to 24 months interest-free, to accommodate a low payment. - You can Layaway your down payment for up to 6 months. After full down payment amount is deposited, merchandise would be released.

Previous in-house financing customers: Down payment will be based on payment history. Please visit our In-House Financing page for detailed information.

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Does AFBC reports paid in full, in-house financing accounts to credit bureaus?

No. Unfortunately, we can only provide a letter of recommendation, as proof of AFBC In-House Financing, to any customer that requests it. Please allow AFBC at least one week to provide letter of recommendation.


Do all items shown on AFBC website have to be Special Order?

No. AFBC's main Homelegance Distributor does carry inventory locally, the rest would have to be Special Order. There's immediate delivery / customer pick up, on all in-stock furniture. All Furniture of America items, are only available through Special Order.

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Does Special Orders cost extra and how long for arrival?

No. Special Orders don't cost extra. Most Special Orders take two weeks or less, to arrive to El Paso, Texas.

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Do Special Orders have to be paid in full, upfront?

El Paso and surrounding service areas customers, only need 50% deposit of total purchase order. The remaining 50% balance would be due when merchandise arrives to El Paso, this to ensure item(s) will be picked up after arrival. Outside of El Paso and surrounding service areas customers, must pay purchase order in full upfront. Sorry, no exceptions. Please Note: Special Orders are subject to 15% restocking fees. These fees are imposed by our local distributors, since they invest time and money, brining the item(s) to El Paso, Texas.

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Why does every single item has / shows two prices?

Each item has / shows two prices, a Retail Price and Your COST. The Retail Price is used as a reference only; often this price can be found everywhere, at brick and mortar / online furniture stores. Your COST is our everyday low advertised wholesale price to you, the customer.

If you have any questions or comments about our FAQs page, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. Thank you!